Backyard Brains Spikerbox Workshop

Are you interested in how your brain works? How your five senses really sense? Have you ever wondered what the spikes of neurons really look like? Do you like doing experiments? Well, you’re in luck! Backyard Brains is collaborating with TheLab to conduct a workshop just for you! The goal …

Lecture on Scientific Glass Blowing

Date: Aug 11, 6:30pm Where: TheLab Gary Coyne is a professional scientific glassblower, with over 40 years of experience building custom glassware and teaching glassblowing at CSULA. He has done a variety of independent research on glass and is the author of The Laboratory Companion (Wiley Scientific). He is currently …

Kickstarter for Science Creators

Date: Aug 4, 6:30PM Where: TheLab RSVP: Whether you’re a scientist, create science art, or make science tech, amateur or professional, there are great ways for you to use Kickstarter. During this workshop, you’ll get a primer on how to bring your idea to life by looking at case studies …

Neuro Night with LA Biohackers

We are planning to kick off a weekly meetup/tinker night for all the folks interested in neuro. According to the doodle popular vote the neuro meetup will now be at 7:30 WEDNESDAYS, starting with Wed. Sept. 28!!!! See ya there!

Labor Day Meeting

This weekend is labor day so many people may be out of town. But there still seems to be enough people to have a proper meeting, so this Sunday we will be meeting at the regular time at the regular place. 3pm at Null Space Labs.

No Regular Meeting

The Null Space folks are at DEFCON this weekend so NSL is closed. Some of us will be meeting anyways. If you want join us we will be at Lucky Baldwins in Pasadena at the corner of Colorado and Allen.


SB5.0 is going on right now at Stanford, June 15 – 17. Some of us will be there. There is a live video stream here. And if you’re into tweeting, you can tweet questions @biobricks. I assume some of the questions will be answered during the Q&A sessions, but who …