Hack Your Fruit Trees: The Science & Technique of Grafting

Saturday January 16, 2016
Hack Your Fruit Trees: The Science & Technique of Grafting



Most fruit tree species don’t “grow true to seed”. Clonal propagation gets around that and that’s why the majority of trees you see in a nursery are grafted.

Learn the principles of grafting technique, why you’d want to use them in your garden, and what the heck those plant cells are up to from a gardener and a molecular biologist.


Megan Lynch is a member of TheLab as well as a member of California Rare Fruit Growers.  She has years of experience with fruiting trees.

Dr. Cory Tobin is president of TheLab. He has a Ph. D. in Biology / Plant Genetics from Caltech and a Bachelors in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from California Lutheran University.

$15 per person.  You need to RSVP and make your payment though meet up to attend this class. http://www.meetup.com/TheL4b/events/

Class is approximately 2 hours with a question and answer session following the presentation.

Please email Melissa with any questions about this event.  Melissa@TheL4b.com.