Science Fair Mentoring Program for Middle and High School Students

With years of experience mentoring students in TheLab and judging local science fairs we can provide an optimal experience for students looking to present highly competitive science fair projects.  This program will ensure students say on track to complete excellent projects.  Click here to check out our students from past years!

Interested in becoming a mentor?  Click here.

Enrollment in our Science Fair Mentoring Program
  • Monthly one on one progress meetings
  • Assistance developing your science fair project
  • Assistance completing all necessary forms
  • Assistance getting your school enrolled in science fairs
  • Pairing with a research mentor
  • Practice Mini Science Fair at TheLab
Additional Program Benefits
  • Access to the TheLab facility
  • Use of all shared equipment
  • Use of lab bench space
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Freezer, refrigerator, and chemical storage space
  • Science supplies ordering support
  • Internet access
  • Become part of our supportive community
  • Keep all your IP
  • Meeting with TheLab to approve your membership
  • Must always be supervised by an approved tutor
  • Students under 16 years old must always have a parent or guarding present
  • Must provide TheLab a detailed description of the project
  • Must sign a minimum of 3 months membership contract
Not included
  • Consumable plastics
  • Reagents, chemicals, plasmids, enzymes, primers, or any other materials
  • Free tutoring or mentoring
  • Some classes and events have additional fees
  • $150 per month for lab access, minimum 3 month contract
  • Cost of all materials and supplies
  • $90 per hour mentor tutoring (The mentors are hired by TheLab and must meet rigorous lab research standards.  All mentor payments go directly to the mentor, aside from applicable employment taxes and fees.)