Research Services

Dr. Cory Tobin

Here at TheLab we know that individuals have amazing ideas and investors are listening to these potential “next great thing” pitches.  However many of these ideas are coming from people that do not have the knowledge themselves to research the concept and produce a proof of concept example.  To combat this we are now offering research services to allow investors to get answers to these initial questions.

What is included in our Research Services?

Our team of skilled research scientists will conduct thorough literature reviews and execute wet lab research to determine the viability of a concept.  The research will be conducted in our facility under the supervision of Dr. Cory Tobin.  Our lab is fully equipped for life science research in fields including genetic engineering, plant genetics, cellular agriculture,  biochemistry, and other biology related fields. You as the investor will be given frequent updates on the progress all while retaining 100% of the intellectual property.

Scientific Due Diligence

As an investor we know that you want to make educated decisions about where you are investing your money.  A significant part of our literature review process and initial lab experiments will be to determine if a potential concept is worth your prolonged investment.

What is the time frame?

A full time researcher will be assigned to your specific project.  This researcher will provide 40 hours per week.  We require a 3 month minimum commitment.  Projects can continue indefinitely.

What is the cost?

Our research services are $2,500 per week plus the cost of materials.  The initial investment for a 3 month contract with a $2,000 materials deposit is $32,000.

How to get started?

Please contact Dr. Cory Tobin at to set up an appointment to discus your potential investment.